This was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me, learning about my True self. Cassie is a wonderful Coach and I would recommend her to anyone seeking direction and True fullfillment in their personal life!
— Karen

Every time I get a chakra clearing, Cassie gets to the root of the problem. She is able to clear away all the mental or emotional garbage and see what is truly affecting me. I can address the real issue and forgive it and let it go. For me one session was equal to 6 months in therapy. A lot quicker and I left feeling relaxed and renewed.
— Christina

My path and Cassie’s crossed at such perfect timing. I’m so excited to have found such an amazing coach and very gifted intuitive. The guidance she gives with such care and patience and she makes everything so simple to understand. She has put a little spark in my life, a light that I needed and had been searching for and wasn’t able to find until she came along and helped me. I was surprised at how much she can help me despite long distance! I noticed big positive changes immediately.
— Erika

My experience with Cassie has been amazing. Cassie is a wonderful life coach and intuitive. She brings her intuitive abilities into helping people with their every day lives. She gives them meaningful direction.

My soul path reading was so accurate, it was unbelievable. My coaching sessions have made me understand how to change my life and move in a direction that is more in tune with my path.
— Jaime

I really hadn’t heard much about Soul Path readings, but was intrigued and wanted to add it to my spiritual journey. Cassie went above and beyond my expectations. You can tell she puts her all into you as an individual and delves deep inside.

What came up in my reading rang so true, it struck a deep chord within me. It didn’t take me long to realize how true and moving a soul path reading from her is. I feel like it validated me as a person and made me kind of look at life as ‘more special’ than I already thought it was.
— Beverly

Cassie was absolutely crucial in healing our 12 year old son of his huge anxiety problems. For over 2 years, he missed about half of his time at school and he was feeling defeated and broken. Cassie worked with him and with us over several months and now he is absolutely back to life full time!!!

We are SO thankful we finally found what he needed - to understand his sensitive energy and how to live with it and thrive. Cassie is such a powerful healer and such a bright light. She quickly found the root of our son’s problems and gave clear directions to help him heal over several months. She is the first professional he knew understood him.
— Monica