The Importance of Maintaining a High Vibration

Omega Color

For those of us who are very sensitive to other people’s energy, it is very important we keep our energy strong and vibration high. Energetically sensitive people are very vulnerable to taking on other people’s negative energy. I like to refer to us sensitive types as “Empaths/ Healers.”

It is significantly easier to hold and protect your personal energy, separate from others, if you are operating within “EXPANDED” energetic levels of vibration.
The higher your vibration, the less likely you are to absorb other people’s crappy energy!

      • Meditation (4-4-8 breathing, chakra/aura clearing)
      • Consciously bring your ENERGY UP connecting to flow of Higher Vibrational (Love/500 or Above energy)–imagine a faucet of gold sparkling healing energy flowing into your central channel and aura
      • Listen to your favorite MUSIC—dance, walk, drive, take a bath…
      • Extreme Self-Care (massage, facial, bath, rest/relax/read, watch favorite tv/movie, etc…)
      • Energy Work
      • HAVE FUN & LAUGH!!!