The Chakras

Into-To-Chakras Chakras are centers of activity for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life force energy.” –Adonea Judith“The Chakras are like internal radio satellites going from punk rock to classical. Each Chakra picks up a different band of psychic information and energy.” ~Sonia Choquette
  • There are SEVEN MAIN CHAKRAS or  “intuitive relay stations” in your energy body designed to process and send out/receive energy in the form of thoughts and emotions.
  • CHAKRAS are spinning energy centers/points in the body, which lie along an energetic pathway aligned with your vertebral column located at the base of spine, the lower abdomen, the upper abdomen, the chest, the throat, the brow, and the top of the head.
  • The word CHAKRA comes from an ancient Sanskrit Indian language literally meaning “wheel of light”
  • CHAKRAS are “place holders” for specific types of energy
  • CHAKRAS serve as “communication satellites” relaying information in the following ways:
    • One individual soul to another
    • From subconscious to conscious mind
    • From conscious mind to our Higher Self and guides in form of divine guidance
  • The CHAKRAS process energy in the form of emotions and thought, our own and other people’s.
    • Energy can be positive, vitalizing, and vibrationally high and light.
    • Energy can be negative, destructive, and vibrationally very low and and heavy.
    • Negative energy can get congested in our CHAKRAS causing blockages, preventing proper energy flow, making it very challenging for Spirit/ Higher Self to flow divine messages and information to us.
  • The CHAKRAS vibrate at different speeds and emanate various colors in the aura. ROY-G-BIV
  • The average size of a CHAKRA is 3-5 inches in diameter (cd)/2-3″- 1 foot in length extending outward in the front and back of the physical body
  • The CHAKRAS correspond to different organs/areas of the body as well as life situations.
  • The CHAKRAS/Energy System is directly connected to the Endocrine System, a system of glands in the human body that secrete hormones into the bloodstream to maintain and balance/homeostasis. Each chakra is associated with specific glands except the eighth chakra, which oversees the whole system.
    • ROOT– Adrenal gland
    • SACRAL– Ovaries and Testes
    • SOLAR PLEXUS– Pancreas and Adrenal gland
    • HEART– Thymus gland
    • THROAT-Thyroid gland
    • THIRD-EYE– Pituitary gland
    • CROWN– Pineal gland
  • When balanced and clear, the CHAKRAS work together to create a clean, grounded and receptive level of intuitive awareness and overall health and wellbeing.
  • THE LOWER THREE CHAKRAS deal with physical awareness such as survival, emotion, and personal power.
  • THE MIDDLE CHAKRA is the center of love in all forms, connecting physical and spiritual awareness.
  • THE UPPER THREE CHAKRAS govern the intuitive activity of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and enlightenment.