Pushing, Trying, Forcing


Pushing Artistic Image

Have you ever been told to “Push Through?” I definitely have, and most of my life I have acted from that belief. Our society encourages us to “do, do, do…work hard….try, try, try.” There is most definitely truth to working hard and doing your best in life, but if you are forcing, trying, or pushing yourself, you are “acting” from a negative energy/vibration.

I’ve noticed there are two different types of “Action.” There is “Forced Action” and “Inspired Action.” Forced Action is acting from a place of trying, forcing ourselves, obligation, stress, guilt, and urgency. This type of action feels yucky, and generally speaking we are not as productive and effective.

Inspired Action feels much different. When you take action from this stance you feel excited, motivated, clear, and inspired. If you act from inspiration, you will absolutely get more accomplished, be more effective, and feel a whole lot better in the process of “doing.”

If you truly do not feel good about a certain action…STOP and consciously raise your vibration….get happy!!!! Wait to act till you feel better and more positive about what you are choosing to do. The more you push and try, the more forced energy you expend, the worse you are going to feel. When your energy is a “push,” you are blocking help and solutions God/Spirit wants to deliver to you.

Image:  Fashion illustration by Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson.