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Chakra Clearing(audio file and document)
This guided meditation clears negative energy patterns from your chakras and aura so that BALANCE can be restored in ALL systems and you can FEEL better! It also opens a clean channel to receive clear guidance from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Included with this meditation download is information about the chakras, the aura, and a gold sun healing.
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Aura Clearing(audio file and document)
Negative and positive energy patterns are stored in our AURA. If left “stuck” in your energy system (aura), negative patterns of energy can cause imbalances and congestion in the system, which ultimately results in emotional or physical dis-ease and discomfort. Use this Meditation to Clear your Aura, do a Gold Sun Healing, and Protect your Energy from addtitional Negative Energy Patters.
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Relaxation(audio file only)
Use this meditation when you don’t have a lot of time, but need to calm down, breathe, and relax.
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Neutral Observer(audio file and document)
This meditation is designed to help you calm down and “step out of upset.” So often we allow ourselves to get sucked into the drama and upset going on around us. We engage fully with it and end up feeding the problem, therefore, making it worse. This meditation will help you stop “reacting” and detach from the source of upset within. It will also help you focus on what is most important without judgment. You will create a new perspective that feels far less stressful.
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Taking Your Power Back(audio file and document)
More often than not, we unwillingly give our power away to situations, beliefs, and other people. This can leave us feeling powerless, controlled, and manipulated. Use this guided meditation to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER from any situation, person, or belief that may currently have it!
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Clearing Emotion(audio file and document)
Unresolved emotional stress can build up in our energy, causing us to have distressing physical and emotional symptoms. When we ruminate excessively in negative emotions, we tie up needed energy from our cells, thereby depleting our ability to heal and FEEL good. Use this Meditaion to Clear Your Energy of Negative Emotions and to a Gold Sun Healing.
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