Intuitive Assessment

(Download the Assessment as PDF)
Gift A Yes No
1. Information pops into my brain much like a “divine download.”
2. I often know things about people without knowing HOW I KNOW.
3. My initial impression when meeting people is generally right on!
4. Great ideas often pop into my head “out of nowhere.”
5. I often have thoughts and ideas that make no sense initially, but prove to be very relevant and helpful at a later time.
6. I am generally a very analytical person and a bit skeptical at times.
7. My best ideas come to me when I’m relaxed and having fun.
8. I am good at solving problems and lateral thinking.
9. I enjoy writing, and I’ve been told I’m good at it.
10. I easily think of answers and responses others pose to me.
Gift B Yes No
1. I am very aware of a little voice inside my head that is very wise.
2. I often hear a song and KNOW it is guidance from my Higher Self/Spirit.
3. I often have one-word answers pop into my mind, sometimes, entire sentences.
4. I’m very aware of people speaking information I need to hear, whether it’s in conversation or in a movie, or on TV.
5. I have heard warning voices in my head that have instructed me towards safety.
6. I sometimes hear things no one else seems to hear.
7. A song will randomly pop into my head and feel very relevant to what I’m thinking or doing.
8. I am very aware and sensitive to noise in my environment.
9. I often wake with solutions I hear in my mind.
10. I have a finely tuned ear, and appreciate music and interesting speeches.
Gift C Yes No
1. I see solutions or information in my “minds-eye.”
2. I easily visualize ideas and situations on a “movie screen” in my mind.
3. I am very comfortable using my imagination freely.
4. I often have very vivid dreams.
5. I can easily envisage solutions to problems.
6. I have a talent when it comes to painting, illustrating, fashion/interior design or other visually creative outlets.
7. I sometimes see auras around people, color and/or outline.
8. I have had experiences “seeing” deceased spirits from the “other side.”
9. It is easy for me to imagine how a plan will look before it is complete.
10. I often see images, metaphors, and symbols, which are relevant and meaningful.
Gift D Yes No
1. I am very sensitive to touch and how things “feel” on my body.
2. I get goose bumps when I hear or read something that resonates as true.
3. I feel my emotions very deeply, both positive and negative.
4. I’m very sensitive and “thin” skinned.
5. I scored an “F” (for Feeling) in the Myer’s Briggs personality assessment.
6. I make choices and decision based on how they “feel” to me.
7. If I make decisions or choices that are not aligned with me, my emotions wreck havoc on me, and I become unhappy.
8. I often get a “gut feeling” indicating something/someone is right or wrong for me.
9. I sometimes get a bad feeling about a person or situation and it proves to be true later on.
10. When something is good for me, I get an expansive and uplifted feeling.
Gift E Yes No
1. I often know how others are feeling without needing to ask.
2. I often feel tension in the air when there has been an argument or disagreement.
3. I am very aware of the overwhelming number of people who are suffering and wish I could help.
4. I feel tension and pain in my body, which is sometimes unexplained.
5. When in social situations, I sometimes feel overwhelmed as I “take in” and observe other people’s experiences and emotions.
6. I often feel drained and tired when I’m around negative people.
7. I can feel great one moment, then after being around a lot of people, feel awful.
8. I sometimes find it hard to be fully in my own energy when conversing with others.
9. I identify deeply with other people’s issues and difficulties.
10. I require a lot of alone time to recharge my batteries.