A Healing Journey Through The Chakras

During This 9-Part Class You Will Learn:

Each Class Includes:

  • Informative Content on each Chakra
  • Practical tools and gentle healing strategies to balance your chakras and improve your overall health and well-being
  • Yoga poses to benefit each of your chakras
  • A Guided Meditation to help you relax and balance each of your chakras
  • What is a chakra?
  • Why are balanced chakras important in maintaining overall health and well-being on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level?
  • How do I know if my chakras are balanced or not?
  • How can a balanced chakra system make me feel better emotionally and physically?
  • What are the different organs and endocrine glands associated with the 7 chakras? How does this affect my physical health?
  • What are the various physical signs and symptoms of an imbalance in each of the 7 chakras?
  • What are the mental and emotional signs and symptoms of an imbalance in each of your 7 chakras?
  • What foods are beneficial to the health of your chakras?
  • What are flower remedies and essential oils? How can they benefit my chakras?
  • What yoga poses best support each of the 7 chakras?
  • How can meditation support my chakras and my life in general?

Two Ways to Take this Class

In Person with Cassie

Take this class with Cassie in person at her home in Southern California
Next Class begins:
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Self Guided Chakra Healing

Beginning with Intro to the Chakras, download each Chakra content and meditation at your convenience.