Energy Healing 101


I offer a couple of ways to get started…

  1. I offer DISTANCE/ IN PERSON Chakra and Aura CLEARINGS. Click on the link, and I will be notified via email that you would like a clearing. I’ll work out the details and time with you so you can lay down and relax while I’m clearing and balancing your energy.
  2. I offer GUIDED MEDITATIONS that can assist you in clearing your own energy. This option is for more advanced folks!
  3. I offer CLASSES that teach you in depth about your Energy System, and how to clear, heal, and balance each chakra individually and the system as a whole. Click on the CLASSES link for additional information.


Quite simply, energy is ALL around us. Energy is present in wavelengths and frequencies in and around ALL living things. Everyday our physical body comes in contact with energy in the form of thought, sound, action, and emotion. With every word you speak and every thought you think, you are emitting energy into your environment, just as others around you are doing the same. All thoughts and emotions floating around you and your environment, in the form of non-solid energy, travel in and out of your human frame greatly affecting how you FEEL.
Energy Body
Therefore it makes sense that you were divinely created with an Energy System to help you process and handle all the energy coming towards you each and every day. The human body is a multi-body/level system including the physical body in the form of bones, muscles, cells, and organs; and the energy body in the form of the 7 Main Chakras and the Aura.
Trapped Emotions
Within our energy system we have centers aligned with our vertebral column that store and process incoming/outgoing energy patterns in the form of emotion and thought. These energy centers are referred to as the 7 MAIN CHAKRAS. You also have an AURA, a large bubble/field of energy around your physical body. Negative and positive energy patterns are stored in the chakras and the aura, resulting from events that may have happened yesterday or ten years ago. Many of these patterns are happy memories; some are painful and hurtful memories. If left “stuck” in your energy system (chakras and aura), negative patterns of energy can cause imbalances and congestion in the system, which ultimately results in emotional or physical dis-ease.

ENERGY HEALING, therefore, is a CLEARING of negative energy patterns from your chakras and aura so that BALANCE can be restored in ALL systems and you can FEEL better!