Empath/ Highly Sensitive Survival Guide-Mentorship/Workshop

Empath-Survival-Guide Mentorship/WorkshopThis mentorship/workshop will equip EMPATHS / HIGHLY SENSITIVE’S with a more In-Depth Understanding of what it is to be Intuitively Gifted as an EMPATH.

You will also learn Self-Care Strategies and Tools to help you deal with the day-to-day realities of being an empathic healer.

The Mentorship/Workshop Includes:
  • Content including information and strategies for Empaths
  • Mentoring Sessions/Interactive Workshop
  • A MP3 Guided Meditation teaching you how to clear your Aura/Energy System.
You Will Learn:
  • What is an Empath/ Highly Sensitive?
  • Why is being an Empath/ Highly Sensitive a gift and a curse?
  • How can being an Empath/ Highly Sensitive negatively affect your physical and emotional health and wellbeing?
  • The role of our Energy System in being an Empath
  • Strategies to Clear, Cleanse, and Protect YOUR Energy System
  • Importance of Boundaries and Detachment
  • Stepping out of Upset, into a more NEUTRAL place
  • Practical Suggestions for Daily Management of Being an Empath to feel better
Upcoming Workshop Dates TBA