Chakra Healing Programs



-In-Depth Content about the specific chakra/ energy center

-Practical Tools and Gentle Healing Strategies to Balance Each Chakra/ Energy Center including essential oils, Bach flower remedies, herbs, affirmations

-Yoga Poses to Balance and Benefit Each Energy Center/ Chakra

-A Guided mp3 Meditation focusing on clearing negative energy and restoring balance to the specific Chakra/ Energy Center.

    If you need assistance with any of these classes, I offer a 60-minute Phone Consultation Service .

Chakra Assessments


Assess the health of each individual CHAKRA. Download these assessments and find out which of your CHAKRA is strong, and which ones are imbalanced and need support and healing.

Chakra Healing Programs-

Content and Meditation Downloads
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Root Chakra Healing Program
Intro to the Chakras
  • Located in your perineum
  • Associated with the color RED
  • Represents your foundation and connection to the earth
  • Represents material things such as money and the financial aspects of life
  • The Three S’s: Security, Safety, and Survival
  • Most concerned with your physical needs and survival on a very primal level
  • Imbalances in this chakra show up as fear, anxiety, insecurity, disorganization, financial problems, inability to focus
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Sacral Chakra Healing Program
Sacral Chakra
  • Located just below your belly button
  • Associated with the color ORANGE
  • Represents the energy center where we experience physical pleasures of life
  • Key Ideas of this chakra: Enjoyment, Pleasure, Creativity, Sensuality, Sexuality, and Emotion
  • Center of Creativity where ideas and thoughts are “birthed.”
  • Imbalances in this chakra show up as creative blocks, fears around sexual relationships, inability to experience pleasure
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Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Program
Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Located directly over our “gut”
  • Associated with the color YELLOW
  • Key Ideas of this chakra: Personal Power, Courage, Self-Esteem, Control, Ego, Willpower
  • Represents your personal power in interactions with other people and your power to make thing happen
  • Using self-discipline and willpower you take ideas and ACT on them
  • This is where you assert yourself and set your personal boundaries
  • Imbalances in this chakra show up as feeling taken advantage of, low self-esteem, lack of personal responsibility or control of life
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Heart Chakra Healing Program
Heart Chakra
  • Located over our physical heart center
  • Associated with the color GREEN
  • Key Ideas of this chakra: Giving and Receiving Love, Balance, Healing, Charity, Compassion, Self-Love
  • Represents honoring yourself, your needs, self-nurturance, and self-care
  • Represents a fountain or cup you fill with self-loving energy allowing you to pour forth love and compassion to others
  • Neglecting this chakra results in “running on empty” emotionally speaking- giving to others out of obligation leading to resentment
  • Imbalances in this chakra show up as withdrawal from intimate relationships, coldness, irritability and impatience, being overly critical of others, lack of empathy and compassion for others, chronic relationship issues
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Throat Chakra Healing Program
Throat Chakra
  • Located in the front and back neck area
  • Associated with the color BLUE
  • Key Ideas of this chakra: Communication, Expressing Feelings, Ability to Listen, Speaking and Hearing the Truth
  • Represents your self-expression and communication
  • This chakra is where you speak your truth and ask for exactly what you want or not
  • Imbalances in this chakra show up as fear of speaking up for oneself, weak voice, lying, inability to discern the truth, and problems with self-expression
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Third Eye Chakra Healing Program
Third Eye Chakra
  • Located on your forehead between your physical “eyes”
  • Associated with the color INDIGO
  • Key Ideas of this chakra: Intuition, Perception, Truth, Imagination, Visualization, Dreams
  • Represents “clear seeing”- your ability to see the world clearly
  • This chakra is where you perceive the truth and use your intuition to get clarity around the heart of matters
  • This chakra is also where you focus your intent to create what you want using visualization and imagination in your “mind’s eye”
  • Imbalances in this chakra show up as chronic bad decision-making, lack of imagination, limited intuition, denial of reality, self-deception, sociopathic behavior.
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Crown Chakra Healing Program
Crown Chakra
  • Located on the top of the head
  • Associated with the color VIOLET
  • Key Ideas of this chakra: Unification with God Self, Bliss, Mastery Wisdom, Expanded Consciousness, Knowingness, Enlightenment, Oneness, Transcendence
  • Represents your connection to Spirit, God, Higher Self, Universe
  • This chakra ideally connects directly with the Divine Energy of the heavens
  • Imbalances in this chakra result from negative religious experiences, neglecting your spiritual needs and desires and show up as feelings of isolation, depression, lack of inspiration, spiritual crisis (dark night of the soul)
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