About Cassie

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A Colorado native and teacher by trade, Cassie spent her college years studying middle school education and history. After seven years as a teacher in the public school system, Cassie began a success-coaching business for at-risk teens in 2000 helping middle and high school youth and their parents connect with their full potential. In 2001 Cassie moved to California and embarked on a dark, yet very enlightening night of the soul! On December 30, 2004, Cassie became a mother and gave birth to her beloved son. Becoming a mother changed EVERYTHING for Cassie. After settling into motherhood, Cassie began to deeply value the importance of living her full potential as a woman and a mother. She became motivated to connect with what made her special and unique so she could be a positive influence and example for her son.
In September 2010, Cassie traveled to Sedona, Arizona and experienced an intuitive awakening. Upon returning from this spiritual sojourn, Cassie chose to open herself up to exploring her God-given intuitive gifts. In February 2012, Cassie graduated from 13-month Clairvoyant Intuitive Certification Program with Lori Camacho and Sacred Connections. Cassie has also received training and certification in a secondary Professional Intuitive Program, which allows her to do Soul Path Readings for her clients. She is also a certified teacher in the state of California.
Cassie currently lives in Southern California and commits her time to her wonderful son, her home, her spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, walks on the beach, her clients, and her teaching.
 For more information email Cassie at cassieocken@gmail.com.