5 Reasons Acceptance Beats Resistance


Prayer Acceptance

Ughhh…..this totally sucks!!!! We have all been in those “sucky” moments and life situations. Our main focus can easily become “how can I fix this and make it go away…now?!?” We become upset about one thing, which then rapidly snowballs into ten things. Added to that cluster, we are mad at ourselves for being upset.

Nobody likes to feel “bad.” We are wired to go to war with negative situations, thoughts, and feelings to drive them away. This approach is actually completely ineffective in yielding a solution. It is a huge waste of our time and energy. When we declare war, we are choosing to fight and resist “what is.” Resistance not only makes our negativity expand, it gives us a headache, makes us sick, keeps us scattered and overwhelmed, and holds us in a very low vibrational state. I often refer to this place as “problem energy,” otherwise known as the “sucky place!” You will never be able to access solutions or attract help of any kind from the “sucky place.”

Here are 5 Reasons Acceptance beats Resistance Every Every Time!

  1. When you consciously surrender and accept “what is” you literally feel a softening of tension and stress within your whole being. It is a huge release of all the fighting energy you have built around yourself in response to the upset. Your muscles relax, you exhale, and your whole body lets go.
  2. We instantly free up a large percentage of our total energy when we choose acceptance. Let’s say you have 100% of your energy available to you when you wake up in the morning. If you wake to remember your life sucks, and you have to fix it, suddenly 75% of your energy immediately is assigned to fighting and fixing. This leaves you 25% of your energy left to deal with the remainder of your day.
  3. Acceptance is a much higher vibration than fighting and fixing. We are all constantly emitting an energetic vibration. If you are happy, excited, and full of hope, your energetic vibration is high. If you are discouraged, angry, fearful, or in despair your energetic vibration is very low. The lower you go….the worse you will feel physically and emotionally. When we are low, we tend to attract more of the same negative energy in the form of people, situations, and experiences. Like attracts like, so if you are willing to accept your upsetting moment and relax a bit, your vibration will begin to rise. Once you have pulled your vibration upward, you will start attracting more and more positive experiences.


4.     Acceptance yields “solution energy” Albert Einstein said it best, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Problems reside in the lower vibrational energy; solutions are available in the higher vibration energy. Acceptance makes us feel better, which naturally raises our vibration opening us up to solutions and clear guidanc

5.     Acceptance requires far less energy than resistance and fighting. Life is not meant to be so exhausting and a constant struggle. We can choose to live it with more ease, grace, and comfort. Choose ease!