Choose JOY


What is JOY for you? What would JOY look and feel like on a daily basis? Most of my adult life, I didn’t believe JOY was on my menu of options. Of course I had happy moments and good times, but JOY eluded me until very recently. For me, JOY is about REALLY LIVING every moment fully rather than simply SURVIVING. Somewhere along the line, I began to BELIEVE and KNOW JOY was possible for me. I DECIDED living life without JOY was no longer an option for me, period! It was a big shift in my thinking and believing. I began to repeatedly see how I HAD THE POWER TO CREATE JOY IN MY LIFE. I was equally responsible for creating the stress, drama, lack, and worry in my life as well. The more I focused on how scared I was or how impossible things felt….the worse things got. I began to observe this crazy-making and started to realize I had A CHOICE in every moment what I wanted to create for myself….more stress/drama/lack OR JOY/abundance/love. I trained myself to choose the JOY ROUTE even if what I saw in front of me appeared impossible. I repeatedly focused on all the good, all that was possible, and the new story I wanted to live! Things shifted in stages, a bit at a time, but before I knew it, I WAS LIVING MY JOYFUL STORY! It’s getting easier to choose JOY over worry, but I still find myself at “choice points” where I have to be very deliberate about staying out of negativity. It truly is a way of life to consciously choose to BE IN JOY, regardless of what is going on outside of you.